Private residence

Back In this private home Cromateria micro resin was used on the floor of the entire house, being overlapped on the old pre-existing tiles, thus obtaining an effect of absolute continuity. The bathroom was also entirely made with micro resin applied to walls, floors and shower stall. Colors: BEIGE (custom color) Grain size: 02 Finish: […]

Private villa

Back Private villa with sea view. We took care of creating the floor of the living area and the kitchen island with the Cromateria micro resin. The same micro resin was applied to the floor in the other rooms, while in the micro the bathroom it was applied also to the walls including the shower […]

Mini spa

Back A bedroom with a mini spa, a dream realized thanks to Cromateria micro resin. Cromateria has been employed for floor of the shower stall and also to coat the tub and sink elements, in order to simultaneously offer durability, hygiene and a contemporary aesthetic. Colors: NCS S 1002-Y Grain size: 02 Finish: Matte Condividi […]


Back In this bathroom, with Cromateria micro resinwe have created the walls and the floor of a bathroom whose main feature is a bold and contemporary color palette. The aesthetic result is surprising and characterful. Colors: Floor BREEN, walls CARVED BOWL Grain size: 02 Finish: Matte Condividi su facebook Condividi su whatsapp Condividi su twitter […]

Bathroom of a commercial activity

Back For this commercial activity we have created a bathroom with a refined and contemporary design. Thanks its infinite possibilities for customizing the color and finishes, Cromateria micro resin adapts to be combined with design wallpapers, wall paintings and furnishings. Colors: WEATHERVANE Grain size: 02 Finish: Matte Condividi su facebook Condividi su whatsapp Condividi su […]

Bathroom of a commercial activity

Back The bathroom is one of the preferred environments for the use of the Cromateria micro resin, thanks to its durability, the absence of joints which guarantees a high standard of hygiene and the possibility of application on heated floors. It also lends itself to any combination with wallpapers and wall paintings with its infinite […]

Charming farmhouse

Back Apulian farmhouse, hotel, bed & breakfast, Borgo Cozzana is a new accommodation facility located in the Cozzana district of Monopoli. We took care of creating the walls of the bathrooms with the Cromateria micro resin in its cocciopesto shade and in other custom-made color variations that replicate the shades of the original cement tiles. […]